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The Real South Africa is an antecedent of who we are as African Americans. And the experience we aim to provide is the antithesis of all you think you know about the continent. Our Journey is nothing short of fortuitous. After our initial visit to South Africa our desire to share it with others deepened until it blossomed into the creation of The Real South Africa Luxury Travel Company.

The many different cultures and tribes that exist in South Africa gave us a chance to discover more about who we are as a people. The warmth and welcoming environment made it difficult to leave. We ate fresh food, visited the homes of many of the locals, who were insistent after just one conversation, we were their friend, their brother, their sister, family. The love we were shown was consistent with each visit and is still the same now that we live here in South Africa.

We have many friends that traveled to the continent and several of those same friends, who decided to stay after their time there. Traveling with us and getting the ultimate, intimate full luxury of South Africa is what our mission is. We aim to show you a post-apartheid South Africa glowing in all its beauty. This third world country has first world shopping, luxury and high standards of living that one would think is an anomaly but is the country’s new norm.

So we invite you to travel with US, the only African Americans living in South Africa promoting luxury travel to South Africa.


Your Hosts

Mark Blanton is indeed a germane traveler. He has spent a portion of his life visiting places far away as Moscow and Santiago, Chile and numerous points in between. Mr. Blanton always felt that the way to ineffable personal growth, one must take the time to explore history in places and take away all the positive things it provides.

In 2010 Mark attended the World Cup hosted in South Africa. That was his initial taste of the culture and lifestyle it offered. For the very first time, this experience far exceeded his expectations as African-American. The fecundity of South Africa and the tableau of the people upon his arrival excited his soul. He was eager to share this with his wife, Dr. LaTasha Blanton, so together they have frequented South Africa and immersed themselves in the rich culture. They now call South Africa, their home away from the United States.


As entrepreneurs and professionals, the power they possess comes from Mark’s prior service in U.S. Military and U.S. Secret Service and LaTasha’s expertise as a Private Practice owner and Doctor of Physical Therapy. Together these entrepreneurs have created an experience for those interested in expanding their knowledge of South Africa by way of Culture, Couture and Lifestyle. Their goal is to give you the opportunity for a watershed moment. One that allows you to reach kismet and know you are with two people who reached theirs.

They hope to provide you with memories that will cause you to lament over your time in South Africa as much as they do. That is their mission and privilege to give you the South African experience that they hide from you through the eyes of THE REAL SOUTH AFRICA! Welcome (Sawubona)

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