Maropeng & Sterkfontein Caves

  • Type: Full Day Trip
  • Duration: 8 hrs
  • Location: Johannesburg
  • Booking: 7 days in advance
  • Physical Difficulty: Easy


A visit to Maropeng takes you into a tumulus with a 4-billion year journey on an underground lake, through the element forces -water, air, fire and earth-dipping through waterfalls and icebergs into the eye of a storm, past erupting volcanoes and through the depths of earth to the beginning of the world, incorporating an underground extensive display which immerses visitors in touching, hearing, feeling, seeing and experiencing the unique history of humankind.

Sterkfontein Caves

This World Famous Cradle of Mankind and home to Mrs. Ples. Famous for it’s fossil finds and hominid scientific exhibition. Discover your distant past. The Tumulus Building contains a vast underground attraction, a journey of discovery to experience the unique history of humankind.

From: $250.00